COLOR WHITE DESIGN , established in 1999, became CW DESIGN HOUSE with the opening of our showroom in 2007. CW is a full service interior design firm, specializing in a fresh, boutique feel for commercial, hospitality, and residential clients. We pride ourselves on taking our projects from conceptualization to installation, striving not only to meet the fundamental needs of our clients, but to exceed their expectations in every arena.
Our process begins with a raw concept, developed through careful analysis of the client’s needs and aesthetic preferences. Each project is approached with new eyes, seeking inspiration from the client and the space itself, ensuring an original spin. That concept is then refined in close partnership with the client, and our mutual vision is achieved in the light of both physical needs of the space and the project budget. We believe that each and every client deserves a space that resonates themselves, not an imitation of a design created for someone else.